What is "dueling pianos?"

Dueling pianos is an entertainment concept that traces its roots back to 1930's New Orleans where talented pianists would play the standard songs of the era and have people singing-a- long at the top of their lungs.  In the late 1980's-- at a club called Alley Cats in Dallas, the concept was modernized to include the rock, pop and country music of the day and then it was infused with comedic bits and "roasts" of patrons. It became so popular that dueling piano bars began to open up all over the country over the next 30 plus years.

Still not getting the gist?  Ok, ok.... imagine two grand pianos facing each other on a stage each manned by a talented piano entertainer who can play literally hundreds (even thousands of songs) upon request. The players alternate playing songs requested by the audience. What sets this concept apart from a cover band or DJ is its not just about playing song; its about audience participation.  The entertainers will have you singing a-along, dancing, laughing and overall leave all in attendance wanting more. 

It is becoming an increasingly popular option for wedding receptions, bar mitzvas, holiday parties and corporate functions as we bring the dueling piano bar experience to your special occasion with a customized personal experience.  For more info, or to book Bearded Keys contact us now!

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