What Do We Offer?



Dueling Piano Show


We can bring our unique brand of dueling pianos to just about any type of venue or occasion including:

  • Restaurant
  • night club
  • sports bar
  • wedding reception
  • holiday party
  • fundraiser
  • corporate party
  • & more!

We offer different packages ranging from just two pianos to adding a drummer, to adding bass and guitar for the full band experience. Whatever, your events needs or your budget allows... Bearded Keys can make it happen!



2 Man Band

This is a unique cross between the acoustic cover band and dueling piano show. Its an all-request, high energy sing-a-long good-time but with one piano entertainer and a drummer rather than two pianos. Its designed for occasions with smaller venues/budgets that just cant justify the higher expense of a full dueling pianos road show but still desire the same quality entertainment.  2 Man Band is perfect for the following;

  • Restaurants
  • Smaller lives music venues
  • Small wedding receptions (less than 100 people)


Solo Piano Show


One piano entertainer. One piano. One drum machine. Tons of interactive, request-driven, sing-a-long fun! This option is designed for small venues who normally would use acoustic acts because of lack of space and smaller budget. It's great for-

  • small restaurants
  • sports bars
  • Dive bars
  • smaller holiday parties

Bearded Keys Karaoke

Imagine all the fun of karaoke mixed with a live MC who accompanies the singers from a piano. This provides an more intimate and unique karaoke experience. With a catalog of over 1000 songs we will keep your guests singing all-night long.  This option is great for:

  • Restaurants
  • Sports Bars
  • Holiday parties



"Don't Forget Those Lyrics!" Live Piano Game Show

This is an option you won't find anywhere else as this concept was invented by Bearded Keys. It is inspired by the popular TV game-show "Don't Forget the Lyrics" on Fox TV. In a nutshell, the game-show host sits behind a piano and the contestants are your guests. The beginning round begins by playing the intro to a popular song on the piano  The first contestant to guess the name of the song, then comes up  for the next round in which the host will play a portion of the song and then stop-- leaving a place for the following lyrics. If the contestant can sing the correct lyrics then they earn points. The contestant with the most points at the end of the night wins a prize.  It's tons of fun and a unique way to spend the evening for your patrons!  Its a high energy, crowd engaging good time! This option is great for:

  • Restaurants
  • sports bars
  •  smaller live music venues
  • Holiday parties
  • Small wedding receptions