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How Dueling Pianos Will Make Your Wedding Reception Unique 

It's your special day. The day every woman dreams of from the time she is five years old and puts mom's pillowcase on her head to pretend it's a long flowing veil. It's such an important day in fact that the pressures of planning it can really get to the psyche.  Last year I planned my own wedding and truth be told, no one understands the stress involved in planning for the big day unless you have actually done it. From flowers to catering to keeping family and friends happy...it will give you gray hair and seemingly reduce your life expectancy by five years to plan a your nuptials.   Not only do you have to plan the ceremony, which let's face it, needs to be the pinnacle of elegance while also expressing everything you and your beloved want to say to one another in front of everyone you know...but then there's the pressure of making sure all your guests get to have a blast at the reception.  Plus, let's not forget that the new bride and groom deserve more than anyone to "let their hair down" and party like it's 1999!   There are plenty of options for wedding reception entertainment these days but the ones that seem to be the most popular is the party band and the DJ. 

Party bands can range anywhere between $2500-$10,000 and are great fun. DJs are the most common form on entertainment and are usually far less expensive. However, and this isn't meant as a knock on all my DJing buddies out there but, DJs are cliche. Let's be honest, you've spent thousands planning every detail of your big day, so why settle for some guy playing songs from a digital jukebox??   This is why those who want more out of the wedding reception experience at least try to book some sort of party band. Then, sticker shock hits! Booking a 4-6 piece band can be quite the expense, and while it may be worth it, some couples just don't want to sacrifice other important aspects of their big day by throwing five grand at a band.  So, they "settle" for a DJ.

There is a fun option that is becoming increasingly popular for special occasions these days. It's a concept called dueling pianos. If you've ever been to a piano bar then you are familiar with how fun this form of entertainment is, but too many are still unaware that you can bring the piano bar concept to just about any special occasion.  If you aren't familiar with the concept imagine two pianos facing each other on a stage manned by two piano entertainers each armed with a microphone. These entertainers alternate playing songs (many of which are requested by the audience). These are popular radio play songs that from the 60's to current top 40 hits from every genre you can think of from rap to country to pop to classic rock.  But, it doesn't stop there, these aren't just piano players, but entertainers trained to engage the audience through clapping, dancing and belting these popular tunes at the top of their lungs!  So,  Adding a drummer to the mix for the tunes keeps the party going all night long! The formula gives you the live energy of live music but with the song repertoire of a DJ. The beauty is, in most cases an top shelf dueling piano show with cost significantly less than a good party band. If you are beginning to plan your big day, consider dueling pianos to create unique and lasting memories for you and your guests!

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